The race is on in the First Ward.

Phyllis Green has failed in her attempt to knock fellow Republican Richelle Pasceri off the Primary Election ballot and that’s a good thing.

There should be more races and less challenges.

We can see where Phyllis is coming from; any candidate would make every attempt possible to knock their opponent out before the race even started. It makes your job easier.

But that’s the problem. The race shouldn’t be easy.

While it’s common for candidates to challenge petitions and signatures, it’s getting a little too common and we would rather just have the race and let the voters decide. We’re glad that’s what will happen in this race.

What’s interesting about this race, though, is that Pasceri was endorsed without interviewing. It seemed a forgone conclusion that the Republicans wanted to go in a different direction. That’s fine. Their decision may be a good one. We’ll find out.

But how they choose who is in and who is out is beyond us. There are many Republican candidates out there that seem to still be in the club, but shouldn’t be.

Nevertheless, the race is on and we’re happy. It’s sure to get interesting as both candidates want the Council seat badly.

This is what we wanted. This is allegedly what the Council wanted when it raised the pay for aldermen.

We both got what we wanted.

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