Well New York, the 2006 election is in the books and it appears some of us are happy with where this state is at. We’re happy with the job our incumbents have done as we have now voted most incumbents in the whole state back into office.

Apparently the taxes are not high enough, we don’t have enough government mandates and we want to top more state-by-state lists. Obviously, not enough people have left the Empire State.

It seems we think New York can get even more depressed over the next two to four years.

It was nice to see that at least in Niagara County, Jack Davis and Christopher Callaghan got the nod. That shows that we wanted the incumbent out of the 26th District and the comptroller who may have stolen from taxpayers kicked to the curb as well.

Unfortunately, as it turns out, the voters in this state wanted the same guys back. That’s unfortunate to us.

But we can’t get discouraged. Sure, a lot of the same people are back, but there are still some changes in positions where it was newcomer versus newcomer. Let’s see what they have to offer. Let’s see if the promises made during one of the ugliest political season ever are actually carried out. While it would be easy for us to say that we’re just going to get the status quo, let’s hold out hope that change is coming.

What do we have to lose?

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