Keeping deadly toxins out of American bodies is a priority of the Food and Drug Administration.

As it should be. But now the administration is wavering dangerously close to taking militant control of American diets. A recently released report asks restaurants to start skimping on the portion sizes.

It’s not a friendly suggestion, either. The report makes suggestions, true, but the administration is teetering on the edge of making this a demand.

Demands are already in the works to require restaurants to provide information about every single piece of food that comes out of the kitchen — turkey sandwich with mayo on rye, turkey sandwich without mayo on white, turkey sandwich with tomato on wheat.

Some restaurant owners are already tossing down the apron in anger, arguing those calculations would cost thousands for even a simple menu.

The report claims nearly half the typical American food budget is spent on restaurant food, and about 30 percent of a typical American’s diet consists of restaurant food. We doubt a large portion of that is spent on salads and 6 grams of fat subs.

The report also indicates our average intake of calories rose by 300, in less than 20 years.

While that might all be true, it’s not the Food and Drug Administration’s place to determine the portion sizes of restaurants.

What’s next, the Federal Communications Commission determining whether hip hugger jeans are appropriate on a size six?

Yes, Americans are starting to resemble blimps. Every study that has come out in the last decade has declared that. Other countries make fun of us. The French are sucking down cigarettes at a ridiculous pace to balance us out.

But if the government can’t keep terrorists out of the country, why should it even try to keep the cheeseburgers out of our mouths?

Convince us to eat healthier, exercise more and limit our portions. Demands that threaten to overstep the government’s bounds will only push us to take an extra loop around the drive through.

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