Kudos to the Lockport School Board for voting in favor of allocating money from the 2005-06 budget for the creation of boys and girls junior varsity and varsity lacrosse teams.

With the help of Athletic Director Patrick Burke, boosters were able to come up with ways to trim the financial commitment from the district.

The team and it’s boosters agreed to share jerseys with the football team at a $6,000 savings. They’ve committed to raise $7,500 for the first year. They’ve also donated $13,000 worth of equipment to the district that they purchased last year for the club team.

All moves that show the dedication of the boosters and the love for the sport from the players. It’s also a smart way of gaining confidence in the board of education.

The pledges and frugality measures suggested by Burke knock the district cost back to $25,000 or less from an original estimate of $39,000.

The board’s decision to effectively amend a budget previously approved by the public is rare, according to Superintendent Bruce Fraser.

“This is not a normal procedure,” he said. “This came from the community and the board heard (the request) speak to the need to help make this a place people want to live. ... It’s a unique partnership and I believe the board did what they think is good for kids.”

They did. Board Trustee Beverly McDonough’s vote against had some merit as she worried about the timing of such a request. But in the end the players and boosters made a better case for adding a sport that could mean drawing lacrosse players to LHS instead of the private schools and college scholarships for some of the better players.

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