As America endures the continuing economic crisis and an environmental catastrophe, we need a president committed to action. Instead, President Obama so far has offered empty words.

Our economy is staggering under the double weight of taxation and regulation promoted by the Obama administration’s policies. Some economists fear we’re headed for another recession — the dreaded “double-dip.”

The latest damning evidence: The Labor Department’s phony claim that 431,00 new jobs were created in May. Only 41,000 of those were in the private sector. The rest were temporary Census worker hires that give a false sense of recovery.

Meanwhile, in the Gulf of Mexico, thousands of barrels of oil daily continue to spew from BP’s damaged Deepwater Horizon well. Gulf coast states — and indeed the nation as a whole — will suffer from this economic, environmental and ecological calamity.

While Obama heaps deserving criticism on BP, regional governors and local officials complain they can’t break through government red tape to get approval for their efforts to stop the oil from contaminating their shores.

The public won’t buy Obama’s spin. They know the economy is stagnant. The sight of their president looking at a few tar balls on a beach won’t convince them the government is doing everything it can to deal with the oil spill.

The president is well known for his ability as a public speaker. But people in crises like these want more than lofty rhetoric. They want action and they want honesty.

— The Eagle-Tribune, North Andover, Mass

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