GUEST VIEW: Opposition to Davison Road proposal explained

Wm. Keith McNallCommentary

As the county legislative representative for the area that encompasses a portion of the proposed Davison Road substance abuse treatment center, it is imperative that I present my position on this issue that is of significant concern for many residents of the surrounding community.

I have represented the area where the Davison Road complex lies, as well as the neighborhoods adjacent to the complex, for several years. Despite what you may hear, my position has not deviated from the time of the original property sale, which took place in August of 2018. In the original bid specifications, Mulvey Construction, the owner and developer, stated that the property, under their proposal, was to be used for “residential housing, multi-tenant apartments, retail shops and professional offices.” 

Subsequently, a proposal was presented by Mulvey to convert the complex into apartments that would house women are undergoing substance abuse treatment under the direction of Cazenovia Recovery. While that intent may be admirable, it is not consistent with the original terms of the sale of this property. Had this arrangement been properly disclosed initially, I, along with my county legislature colleagues, would have not supported the sale of the property under these terms. As it was presented originally by Mulvey, which is a far cry from their current proposal, the legislature approved the sale unanimously. 

On a personal note, I spent many of my younger years in the area of the Davison Road complex,  and am a proud graduate of DeSales High School. I remember when the DeSales Circle area was Fr. Crowne Field, and many of us would practice and play on those fields. As years went by, my young son would play baseball at the AnJo fields behind the Switzer Building, and he was later followed by his son playing on those same diamonds. For decades, those fields have been filled with parents and neighborhood residents — a true gathering spot. I understand the importance of preserving the quality of life that area residents are accustomed to, and will work tirelessly to protect it. 

At this point, in order for the Cazenovia proposal to move forward, the planning boards of both the City of Lockport and the Town of Lockport must approve the proposal as it is now presented, as current zoning of the property prohibits this project. Without the approvals of both boards, this proposal will not happen. 

Please know that I do not believe that this proposal is consistent with the needs of the surrounding community, and I do not support this project. 


Wm. Keith McNall is the Niagara County Legislator in the 13th District.