GUEST VIEW: Responsive to the needs of all

Steven Allore

I have the honor to be running for Second Ward Alderman. There are a couple of reasons as to why I am running. First and foremost is to restore actual representation to our ward. For two years we have not had a receptive ear for the everyday concerns amongst our neighbors. I promise to listen to every concern you may have in our ward. I also vow to not take months to respond and create action and to help every neighbor.

The second reason I am running is to end the backroom deals that have hurt our city in favor of being open, transparent and honest. My kids are watching me. I want them to see a man of integrity.

While there are way too many issues to tackle in just one letter, I want to make my position known on a couple of them here. The first thing will be to talk about the development of the old county infirmary on Davidson Road. While not in my ward, it is very important to many in my ward. There is no argument to the need for facilities to treat opioid addiction. There is a bonafide crisis. I feel that the proposal put forth is not right for this site. The plan is too large in scope for that location. Green space should be preserved where possible. Any development of this property needs to return to the tax rolls and not overwhelm the infrastructure of the neighborhood. I feel there is a better location for this project and a better project for this location.

The second thing I want to discuss is the cumbersome tax burden we face in our city. A lot of people feel it is out of control. As a homeowner, I know all too well how much our taxes and fees have gone up the last few years. I will never promise to lower the tax bill, that would be disingenuous at best. I will pledge to seek ways to mitigate any and all increases. If there are ways to improve services without raising taxes, I will fully support it. If there is an alternative way to pay for a service, I will look for it. We must find ways to become more efficient in delivering effective service for our neighbors. To continue as we have been is to tempt a path of self destruction.

Working together in the open is the only way we can fix the problems that face our city and the ward. No more secret meetings and partisan bickering. I will be responsive to the needs of the ward. I am not afraid to work with anyone to build the best solution.

Steven Allore is a candidate for the Lockport Common Council's 2nd Ward.

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