I wanted to wait until all the elections were over to write this letter. I felt it may overshadow the purpose of this letter. I wanted to tell about my experience at Eastern Niagara Hospital.

On June 28, 2018, I fell at home and sustained a very painful injury. I had to be transported by ambulance to the Emergency Room. The South Lockport Volunteer Fire Company transported me. My pain level was excruciating and the crew on that night was wonderful. I had never been in an ambulance before and Darla calmly talked to me and reassured me I was in good hands. When we reached the Emergency Room, the nurses were waiting at the door for us. The care I received was swift and attentive. They moved quickly to take care of my injury.

I had never had an injury like that before, so to say the least, I was in a lot of pain, very upset and worried. The nurses, X-ray technicians, aides and doctor all kept reassuring me that I would be OK. Through the whole process they made me feel comfortable, easing my pain, and talking to me about different things to keep my mind off of the injury.

I was worried about going to Eastern Niagara Hospital, because of some of the negative things I had heard over the years, but nothing could have been further from the truth. My pain level was 10-plus and needed to be treated as quickly as possible. I want to thank the employees who were working in the Emergency Room on June 28. Thank you to Irene, Patrick, Zachery, John, Amber, Carla, Cindy, Nicholas and Dr. Thomas Kowalak. Your kindness, professionalism and great care are very much appreciated. It’s wonderful to know these great people in the healthcare industry are right here in Lockport. I apologize if I missed someone.

The Kaleida Health Care System should be very proud of these people and feel fortunate they work within their system. When I went to Dr. Frank Schlehr’s office the next day, they told me what a great job the Emergency Room did treating my injury at the hospital.

Again, thank you, thank you, thank you, to South Lockport Volunteer Fire Company, Eastern Niagara Hospital Emergency Room, and Dr. Schlehr for the great care I receive,  and your kindness and professionalism. It’s great to know you are all right here in our community.