Yes, it's definitely time for a change.

Just as my neighborhood is in transition and the old are moving on, whether to a simpler life or eternal peace, we are in transition and government definitely needs change. Elections take place every two or four years dependent upon the position that individuals are seeking. We as voters, as the employers of those elected officials, have not only an opportunity but an obligation to conduct performance appraisals of those having held the office in many instances for too long a time.

Business, industry and the real world conduct periodic reviews assessing the level of satisfaction, assessing the competence of the individuals holding the office doing what they should be doing for the people that elected them. In essence, are they doing what they should be doing for the public versus what they are doing for themselves and special interest?

All too often after so many take office, they quickly forget the promises and commitments they made to the people. They forget who they are accountable to. It becomes business as usual. They are complacent and they start thinking more about what they can do for themselves rather than the commitment they made to improve upon the lives of their constituents.

I started by making reference to neighborhoods in transition and I'd like to use that analogy having the opportunity of viewing first-hand changes in my neighborhood. A new family moves in and they question the status quo. They look upon ways not only to preserve the integrity of their residence but also how to update virtually everything in the house that has become outdated. Not only outdated but perhaps unsafe.

In the same fashion, we see all too often the individual that have been in an elected position for 10 or more years becomes more complacent, more self-serving and plain and simple fails to do the job he or she was elected to perform.

Anita Mullane wants to move into Niagara County government to improve upon its foundation. She has proven to be innovative, accessible, transparent and responsive.

I can't emphasize enough how much we need change, not for the sake of change, but for the very survival of our communities' continued viability and of course integrity.

Please permit me to remind the people of the 13th Legislative District that you have a right to be heard when everyone is awake, not when they are fatigued. Anita Mullane wants to turn on the lights, open the doors, open the windows and bring in fresh air. In addition she embraces transparency and wants to give good government a chance to work.

As a lifelong resident, I heartily endorse Mrs. Mullane for Niagara County legislator. We deserve no less.


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