Both gubernatorial candidate Lee Zeldin and 24th Congressional District candidate U.S. Rep. Claudia Tenney are staunchly pro-fracking. That’s bad news for our health, the environment and New York’s Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act, which is fostering the development of clean, renewable energy.

Zeldin, if elected governor, would overturn our fracking ban, and Tenney supports federal legislation, the American Energy Is Global Security Act, that would cut off critical federal energy funding to states with fracking bans in place.

The danger of hydraulic fracking, industrial drilling into shale rocks to release natural gas, is widely documented. At every step, the fracking process emits methane gas which creates 25 times the climate damage as carbon dioxide. It releases poisonous chemicals into groundwater, adds to air pollution and the real risk of seismic activity. More natural gas means more dirty gas plants and pipelines, a retrograde step for public health, the environment and the climate.

Fully 60 to 80% of Americans support clean energy over fossil fuels, although most Americans don’t realize this climate policy has such wide bipartisan support.

Zeldin’s and Tenney’s views are the opposite of what our future requires. Increasing investment in clean energy, as the Inflation Reduction Act provides, is what Americans want and need.


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