This is in response to "Nuke bailouts panned: Green, conservative groups align against Cuomo nuclear subsidy," published Oct. 10 in the Union-Sun & Journal.

The New York Public Interest Research Group is simply wrong about the state’s Clean Energy Standard or CES.

The bottom line, according to the state’s energy czar, Richard Kauffman, is that, “… independent analysis shows that the benefits from the CES are worth $5 billion over the first two years of the program.”

The Clean Energy Standard provides modest financial assistance that will help to keep upstate nuclear plants open. These plants account for 24,000 New York jobs and contribute $3 billion annually to the state’s economy, including more than $60 million in annual state and local property taxes.

Mr. Kauffman also stresses it is important to keep in mind that electricity prices are at historic lows. Both the U.S. Energy Information Administration and the New York Public Service Commission expect prices to rise. When this happens, there will be less need for CES assistance. Outlays will be reduced or eliminated.

Without the Clean Energy Standard, New York would become more reliant on out-of-state natural gas. This would spike the state’s emissions footprint and prices would go through the roof, especially when natural gas supplies are tight and needed most, such as the coldest days in winter.

Because the Clean Energy Standard makes sense economically and environmentally, it has widespread support from business and environmental groups.


Arthur “Jerry” Kremer, chairman

New York Affordable Reliable Electricity Alliance

New York City

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