In these uncertain times in our country, with serious crime on the upswing and social unrest a daily occurrence, it is vital that we vote our values in the upcoming election for Niagara County District Attorney. That is why I am voting for Brian Seaman. The duties of the District Attorney require the fair and ethical application of the law in the pursuit of justice. Brian has the background, experience, professional bearing and strong convictions necessary to fulfill these important duties.

Brian worked in the District Attorney’s office for seven years, handling felony cases for that entire time. In that time I was privileged to work with him on a number of these serious criminal cases, successfully prosecuting many of Niagara County’s most dangerous individuals. I remember one of many cases where Brian’s outstanding prosecutorial skills were on full display. We had investigated a violent home invasion robbery where the suspects were armed and pistol-whipped one of the home occupants, causing a significant injury. Although the overall case was strong, there were issues with several of the witnesses that cast some doubt on a conviction. However, based on an outstanding summation to the jury that linked our evidence and witness statements into a seamless account of the crime, the defendants were convicted and justice was served as these violent and dangerous criminals were sentenced to long prison terms.

On a personal level, I have known Brian for many years. He was born and raised in Lockport, graduating from Lockport High School. He is a graduate of Notre Dame University and Loyola Law School in Chicago. Despite having other job offers after his education, he chose to return home to raise his family and apply his significant legal skills for the betterment of our community. Aside from his very successful career as a prosecutor, Brian is well known as a very effective general practice attorney while also serving several Niagara County communities as their legal counsel.

Overall Brian brings a number of outstanding attributes that make him the best choice for District Attorney. One of the most important attributes is his intimate experience with the inner workings of the DA’s office, which will allow him to “hit the ground running” on his first day as District Attorney.

I urge you to join me and many of my fellow current and former Niagara County law enforcement leaders in voting for Brian Seaman for Niagara County District Attorney.


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