In response to the recent article regarding Niagara County elections and the impact of the national party, here are a few things that the Democratic Party has done at the federal level to help with economics. You can be the judge if they are "identity politics." The American Rescue Plan delivered individual stimulus checks and tax credits for families with children, and supported small businesses. The Bipartisan Infrastructure Law (Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act) aims to remove lead pipes, extend high speed internet, repair roads and bridges, upgrade airports, ports, and railroads, and upgrade and protect electrical infrastructure. Needless to say, these acts will result in jobs and improved quality of life.

Current high profile bills include a bill for universal free preschool for 3- and 4-year-olds, investments in child and elder care, an extension of a tax credit for families with children (which has reduced child poverty), and reduced healthcare costs. Another bill improves election integrity by establishing Election Day as a federal holiday, creating criminal offenses for interfering with voter registration, and requires states to conduct post election audits. These bills are the Build Back Better and the Freedom to Vote Act, respectively.

If economic stimulus, preschool, and protected voting rights are "identity politics," they support my identity as a father and a voter. I'm sure there are many other parents and voters who agree with me.

MATHEW WOLCOTT, North Tonawanda


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