Not one Republican in Congress voted for the American Rescue Plan, but many now tweet their support to back peddle. Uh, no. Doesn't work that way. Over 70% of Americans wanted the plan, so the GOP hopes people will forget by 2022 and 2024 that every GOP member of Congress voted against the wishes of the American people.

People will need to remember who provided stimulus checks for over 85% of Americans, expanded child care credits and healthcare, help for families and schools, and vote accordingly. Anyone saying the $1.9 trillion price tag is too big, remember the $1.4 trillion tax cut going to the top 1%? Where's the "trickle down" to our bank accounts? I know of none.

Democrats care about all Americans and put their money where their mouth is. Check your bank account or the mail for your stimulus check, not signed by President Biden. He's not in it for glory, only to serve. He's done more in 47 days than America has seen in four years. No time for golf, Mr. Potato Head or making an issue of Dr. Seuss' long overdue company decision to be more culturally sensitive.

It's not complicated. "Follow the money" and you'll see who's looking out for regular people. How many principled Republicans who disagreed with the bill will donate their checks to a worthy cause like Meals on Wheels — or will they just cash it? Better yet, just admit Joe Biden is a President for all, even for those who didn't vote for him.



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