As the Niagara County Democratic Committee chairperson I am pleased to announce that the Democratic Committee has endorsed Mike Benedict for Niagara County Court Judge. I have gotten to know Mike over the last few years and I believe he has the temperament, maturity and intelligence necessary for this important position.

The County Court handles the most serious criminal cases in Niagara County. These all are the felonies that are charged in the county including murder, assault, rape and arson. This is the highest criminal court that we have. And for that reason, we must have the most qualified judges serving in that position.

Mike Benedict has been practicing criminal law in our county court for 17 years. he has also handled more than 2,000 felony cases and participated in more than 200 felony hearings. In fact, he was so well respected for his legal abilities that he was hired by Judge Sara Sheldon to be her confidential law clerk in County Court. There he helped oversee hundreds of the most serious criminal cases in Niagara County. He is overwhelmingly qualified to be our next criminal court judge in County Court.

Mike Benedict is the only candidate who is qualified and has the right experience. We know that when we elect unqualified judges they are very likely to make mistakes. We also know that when criminal court judges make mistakes, innocent people go to prison and guilty people go free. We cannot afford to risk these unforgivable consequences with an unqualified judge.

This is not an election based on party affiliation. It is an election based solely on experience and the safety of our community.

JOHN JACOBY, Lewiston, Niagara County Democratic Committee chair

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