Regarding “Local groups oppose ALJ’s wind project decision,” published earlier this week in the Union-Sun & Journal:

Kate Kremer’s letter opposing the green-lighting of a critical wind project is misguided and misinformed. Wild exaggerations of the wind farm harm to birds and bats is a common trope for wind opponents.

No renewable energy project is sited without thorough environmental evaluation, including studies of nesting and migration of bird and bat species. Each wind project follows the rules of the U.S. Department of Fish and Wildlife prior to construction and during operation.

The true harm to wildlife is the climate crisis, which is accelerating species loss — extinction — by altering habitats and food availability. (Even so, outdoor and feral cats are even a bigger source of danger to birds than turbines.) Combatting the climate crisis drives our need to develop renewable energy, even if it’s not needed where it’s produced.

New York needs to develop modern transmission lines to send more power to New York City. That’s the population and energy use reality, and to reduce emissions, which affects everybody, we need to export our New York-made clean energy elsewhere in the state.

And median strip solar is no answer. Both solar and wind power need to be large scale to meet our need, reiterated by Governor Hochul in her state of the state message, of establishing an 80% renewable power grid.

I call upon Governor Hochul to expedite investment in Clean Path NY, which would develop a 174-mile underground transmission line to connect upstate wind energy to where it’s needed.

SARA SCHULTZ, Williamsville


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