I worked for the New York State Court System for over 37 years, with more than 30 of those years in Niagara County Family Court. I retired as a court clerk. When I learned that John Ottaviano was running for County Court Judge and Surrogate I could not think of a more qualified candidate.

I first met John when he prosecuted youthful offenders on behalf of the County Attorney’s Office.​ When John appeared in Family Court, both a prosecutor and private practitioner, his legal documents were always flawless. He was always punctual and well prepared, knowing the law and the facts of the case. John had a unique ability to exercise forbearance when provoked by opposing counsel, and an ability to deal with his client’s witnesses with sensitivity. In addition, he interacted with adversarial witnesses without offending them.

His extensive experience as Lockport City Attorney for 25 years and 35 years of private practice have prepared him well for a position of public trust such as County Court Judge and Surrogate. He is more than qualified for a job that is conducted in full view of the public, and more than capable of withstanding any criticism and scrutiny by the public and press.

I have the utmost respect for John. He is a gentleman and a scholar.

Please join me in voting for John Ottaviano for Niagara County Court Judge and Surrogate on June 22.



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