Niagara County voters will have an important decision to make in the November election. The role of Niagara County Judge & Surrogate requires an individual with solid experience in all aspects of the law, including civil, criminal and decedents estate practice. In addition, the position requires someone with common sense, maturity and the ability to deliberate the critical issues that come before him or her with independence and without fear or favor. John Ottaviano is the candidate who possesses all these attributes.

I have known John for over 30 years, he having served on my staff in the Niagara County District Attorney’s office. He then went on to serve in the Niagara County Attorney’s office and until recently served as Corporation Counsel for the City of Lockport. He also maintained a successful private practice and made many appearances before me as Niagara County Judge. In those appearances he always acted with respect and dignity and displayed a high degree of legal ability.


I am confident that John will act with firmness and fairness, and I wholeheartedly endorse his candidacy. 


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