The Lockport school board had no reason to rename North Park to Aaron Mossell Junior High School. For decades, North End families sent their kids to North Park. My kids and neighbors' kids went there. Now, pressured by a few, they thought that the school should be awarded a Black person's name.

I liked "North Park." It's not racial, it's just by a park in the north end of the city of Lockport. That's pretty non-racial to me. Aaron Mossell made bricks; he came through Lockport to make bricks in Canada, then got kicked out of Canada and moved to Lockport  to make bricks. Bricks are bricks, nothing special. Then he moved back to Baltimore. End of story.

How about this non-racial school name: Brick Yard Junior High. Nah, North Park only.

Oh, and the name change costs? New signage on the school and a new lawn sign. New letter head, legal paperwork and so on.

This reminds me of the debacle of the facial recognition system at the high school, which cost taxpayers dearly. A ton of money was spent on both projects, to keep a few people on the school board happy and for their re-election votes.




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