Last week, like many Americans, I watched on television news the riot at the Capitol building. It was a horrible event that took the lives of five of our fellow citizens. Since then, many politicians have appeared on television, speaking with great emotion. They have denounced the rioters, demanded investigations, called for Trump’s impeachment, demanded more security for the Capitol building and for themselves, questioned why the Capitol Police were not better prepared, why the National Guard was not present, et cetera. All this rhetoric left me a little puzzled.

Where was their outrage last year when many of our cities were being burned and looted and police officers were attacked? Now, a few did speak out, but most were silent and some very vocally tried to justify the acts of violence and destruction. While we saw buildings on fire, businesses broken into and obvious looting, they told us it was just peaceful protest. Some suggested all the destruction that occurred was justified due to years of injustice in America. We were told that police departments were the problem and they needed to be defunded. Then, when the President said he could send in the National Guard to quell the violence and destruction, many politicians vilified him.

I believe actions speak louder than words, so the recent denunciations made by many of our politicians just don’t square with their previous actions. It seems to me that violence and destruction are only an issue when it endangers them.



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