“Are you on the side of truth or lies; fact or fiction; justice or injustice; democracy or autocracy?” Joe Biden asked recently, encouraging people to stand to defend the right to vote in America. Biden’s questions also apply to another important test of our time, the coronavirus pandemic.

Covid cases are up in all 50 states, up 125% and deaths 23% over two weeks ago. It is now a pandemic of the unvaccinated, those who believe the lies, the fiction. Notice how what we search for online keeps popping up afterwards. Mathematical programs, algorithms are designed to feed us more of what we searched online. Just 12 people, a new dirty dozen, have been identified as responsible for 65% of vaccine hoaxes, disinformation not fact-checked by social media. Propaganda is believed as truth. Algorithms should be regulated.

Experts have been disregarded; politics is trumping science. Public health no longer has meaning. Everyone should root for public health. Local elected officials do photo ops saying they are working to get the border to Canada open but they fail to promote vaccination. Vaccination is key in mitigation of the pandemic.

My congressman, Chris Jacobs, voted against H.R.1 and on March 3rd said the bill “would direct public money toward politicians' reelection campaigns, not Covid response, infrastructure or schools. Given the many challenges our nation faces and the substantial debt we have already amassed this year alone …” PolitiFact rates Jacobs' claims as misleading. Jacobs deceives, wants us to believe that public campaign finance would come from taxpayers. The money would actually come from a "Freedom from Influence Fund" under the U.S. Treasury through collected funds from a fee assessed on criminal and civil fines levied on banks or corporations that commit corporate malfeasance. Who is Jacobs representing? His voting record shows a lack of an ethical, moral code. Jacobs sided with the insurrectionists. That people die doesn’t matter to Jacobs.

Our democracy and people are dying from disinformation. Our unvaccinated children are the most vulnerable.


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