The one argument that "blows my mind" is that explanation, "I can't go against the president because I won't get re-elected."

Duh, national politicians! Who ever said you need to get re-elected? Your job is "public service," so that is about as dumb an excuse as you can make. You are not entitled to get re-elected. But, you are entitled to express and vote your opinion. If you lie while doing so, then not only are you dumb, you are dishonest and you don't belong in your job anyway.

Where is this country going when our national politicians become lemmings? Now, we have the local politicians hiring crooks and felons into "public service" jobs that require honesty and integrity, plus a track record of such behavior. Yet the national political establishment sets such a poor example of integrity itself. The infection has been passed along to the locals.

The president consorts with communists and killers. Is this now what the locals will copy? Are we all now expected to become lemmings just like those above us on the national scene? Why not? If the nationals now will follow the president, then so shouldn't we?

The new infectious disease out of Asia / China may very well be the same as this political infectious disease. It just keeps on spreading downward until we all become infected.

No! Let's all go get a shot against this right now.


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