It seems that the 4th Ward alderman, David Wohleben, wants to remind everyone that he is a veteran as he campaigns for mayor.

As a veteran myself, and many others, we find his actions to be of questionable motivation. He wears his former military uniform as a prop, using it to try to influence citizens while campaigning. He has been retired for several years from the USAF National Guard and continues to wear his uniform at multiple occasions, parades, photographs and videos.

However, as a retiree, he should be aware of the rules and regulations still in place, even for retirees. Air Force Instruction 36-2903 states: Wear of the uniform is prohibited for all retirees in connection with the promotion of any political or commercial interests, or when in off-duty civilian employment and when participating in public speeches or interviews.

Also, according to AFI 36-2903: If there is any doubt about the wearing of the uniform to a function, the commander of the nearest military installation should be contacted.

Mr. Wohleben's wearing of military uniform for personal and political gain is not authorized and certainly is unacceptable to the men and women who have served faithfully.

RAYMOND PIERCEQuartermaster, VFW Post 2535Lockport