You know how the world’s supposed to protect fragile coral reefs, or the Alps, from climate change melts? Or the Amazon rain forests, and on it goes, all worthy causes. Well, how about a special designation for the United States also making it worthy of protection as a threatened entity, and one that will only become more vulnerable in the not distant future. Because today’s America has started to feel like an island of sorts, and one that’s not very durable. And this in great part is due to an illegal immigration tsunami that’s been pouring in unchecked.

Only Democratic politicos in search of easy votes salute this policy of an open border that’s hardly a border at all. Any sane person must wonder what all this is ultimately going to do to a country that is vulnerable economically, societally, and yes, physically, too. And hey, you “liberals” who are so fixated on climate change, what of the fact that many of these “migrants” will eventually be clogging freeways with more polluting vehicles, degrading an already fouled LA and the rest?

The hurt will be felt in numerous other ways, too, given the sheer magnitude of all this. If only we were talking about some incoming “illegals” cum “legals” at levels of a few years back, fine. Perhaps not fine, but manageable. But millions and millions in a matter of months?

Does no one ask why many of these “refugees” can’t take refuge in other countries rather than just the for-now sweet “island” of America? A propos re. what will eventually constitute a liberal dilemma here: I recall a professor giving his take on Bentham’s idea of the greatest good for the greatest number. This is what I remember most from that course, and it remains relevant, and part of a quandary that unfortunately today’s Democrats seem to ignore _ but one which at some point we will all have to confront.

Regarding the greatest good (or happiness) for the greatest number, this prof declared that in reality, policy makers could go meaningfully in one direction or the other, but not both. In other words: they could try and spread a huge amount of goodies to a small number of people, or only a little good, but to a great amount of humans.

But the United States has become an advertised gravy train abroad. “All aboard!” cries the Biden administration in essence. Our resources are limitless, or so runs the advertising, despite a national debt moving toward an unpayable $30 trillion, and tax rates and inflation that will go through the roof, and overcrowding in our great cities, and huge disease potential. One day there will surely be widespread hunger and lack of proper shelter in many parts of the nation, and the greatest good for so many just won’t be there. Hunger? When it hits ubiquitously, there’ll be much anger and envy, and a great rise in theft and beatings, and internal war on the streets. All because so-called liberals (who are anything but) have wanted to gain perpetual power by any means possible, including this southern border gambit.

Meanwhile, as Latinos from various countries stream in, yes, in the hundreds of thousands, and Haitians and the rest, what of Danes or Russians, Bulgarians or French who wait patiently in line to do so legally? What about the conscientious who get vaccinated and tested, versus all these “migrants” (what a wrongly ennobling word for them and their enablers) who don’t have to do so at all?

Because there’s nothing, and I mean nothing, about all this – given the astronomical numbers of these entrants – that can go according to Hoyle. There’s no plan here, and no rhyme or reason other than sheer power-hunger and appeasement.

But one of these days prices paid will be far greater than benefits that only these myriad incomers and corrupt cartel types and Washington connivers can reap. For now ...

Underplaying or even ignoring such huge repercussions has become an example of leftist myopia, well above even the lethal Afghan withdrawal or the spending spree pushed by the righteous in Congress. This issue pulls rank, constituting a gargantuan national disaster, and one that didn’t need to happen at all.

B.B. Singer has taught at several area colleges including Niagara University.

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