The Union-Sun & Journal’s bicentennial special edition of Lockport magazine has received some high praise since its release with the Tuesday paper and for that the staff are most thankful. In the end, we aim to be people pleasers, and it’s gratifying to be informed we met our goal.

Enough about us, though. The US&J’s ongoing bicentennial celebration is as much about you, the subscriber, the advertiser, the supporter, as it is about a newspaper marking its 200th year in continuous publication. We cannot say this enough: Our history is your history. The milestone evinced in the phrase “since 1821” is a credit not just to this institution but to the community that has made it possible. Having doted on the institution in Lockport magazine, our “200” campaign will now turn attention to the people who helped make it so.

We are excited to announce today the firming-up of a December exhibit at Kenan House Gallery starring your hometown newspaper over time. Many of the pieces on display — ideally most of the pieces — will be yours. We’re repeating our call for your copies of past editions of the US&J, in part or full, along with your scrapbooked clippings, to include in this exhibit. We’ll make copies of any materials that you don’t want to part with permanently, of course. Think what fun it will be to see yourself, your children, your friends and neighbors in society / community news clips, local sports write-ups, local good-news articles and random photographs through the years!

Also to keep the celebration going, we’re hoping to interview past US&J carriers — the “paper boys” and “paper girls” who delivered dozens (sometimes many dozens) of papers every day after school — as well as current second- and third-generation US&J subscribers, about this newspaper’s role in their homes and lives. Beginning Sept. 11, our weekend edition will include a weekly feature article or an essay on that very theme. Given its place among existing daily papers in New York state — high up, birth date-wise, on a list that’s been shortened considerably over the past few decades — the multiple helpful roles that the newspaper has played in this community over time are worthy of some reflection.

There’s more in the works for the US&J’s “200” commemoration — a contest or two with really nice prizes, and a planned outreach to young people on the topics of news and journaling, among other things — but we’ll leave those details for … future editions.

Today, our invitation to the readership is to help us create a commemoration that makes you proud of our shared history. Local news makers, scrapbookers, carriers and customers: Get involved by contacting editor Joyce Miles at 439-9222, extension 6238, or

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