Today marks a return of our weekly “Cheers and Jeers” to the opinion page of the Union-Sun & Journal. This will be a weekly roundup of items that warrant thoughts and opinions, but perhaps not a full-length opinion from the editorial board.

Let’s get started:


Although we may not see it happen until next year, we’re glad that the city is finally moving forward to demolish the downtown parking ramp on the north side of Main Street. This deteriorating mass of steel and concrete has been a blight for far too long and gives downtown a black eye. It will be replaced by a much-needed surface parking lot, which will provide better access to the many fine businesses nearby.


A better turnout would have been nice, but Sunday’s concert benefiting the city’s elementary schools was a wonderful way to raise money without placing additional demands on the taxpayers. Music is an avenue for people to show off their creative side, and with creativity a necessary ability in today’s world, it’s important to inspire a young child’s mind. Here’s hoping that Sunday’s concert is the start of something big.


Could the federal government please remove seagulls from its list of protected migratory birds? There is an abundance of them throughout the country because of their ability to easily adapt to their human-controlled environment. These protections is also preventing the completion of projects along Transit Road that is vital to the local economy. One only needs to visit the Bon Ton department store on Transit Road to experience the ear-splitting sound from the hundreds — perhaps thousands — of these birds to realize that their population has swelled to a point that protection isn’t necessary.


To the new Niagara County SPCA Board of Directors for its decision to retain Amy Lewis. She was brought in from the Erie County SPCA in the wake of the euthanasia scandal with previous director John Faso earlier this year. Lewis, a Lockport native, has brought enthusiasm, a solid background and a genuine interest in animals to the position, something that her predecessor lacked. Lewis’ presence is returning a positive light to the Niagara SPCA. We encourage the board to make her appointment permanent.


To the New Beginnings-Akin 11-12-year-old 3-on-3 basketball team for winning its division in the recent Gus Macker tournament in Buffalo. Consisting of Javon Ford, Maxwell Evans, Tivon White and Devon Darrell along with their coaches Gerri and Andre Akin the team is just one example of what makes Lockport a fantastic community.

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