There are few more polarizing topics in our community.

We are ardent supporters of the Second Amendment as well as gun safety and education but there is a lot of nonsense going on that needs to be taken seriously.

April is only half over but consider:

We’ve had a major raid on a Niagara Falls ghost gun factory on 78th Street. Twenty-five newly manufactured weapons were confiscated.

Ghost guns are assembled from a combination of parts ordered over the internet and minor milling/3D printing. The resulting weapons are untraceable because they lack serial numbers.

Police confiscated thousands of rounds of ammunition with the weapons.

We cannot imagine a logical argument where that sort of arsenal is acceptable or necessary, no matter how strong your views.

The suspect deserves to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. The fact he was released on minimal bail after being charged with 19 felonies is unconscionable.

The unanswered question that cries out is where were those guns headed and for how long had the operation been running?

Then we had 15th District County Legislature candidate Derek Caldwell suggest the county spend $211,000 on fighting to overturn New York’s SAFE Act ($1 for every negatively impacted potential gun owner in the county). If there were logic to challenging the SAFE Act it would have been overturned by now.

What’s worse was Caldwell’s logic draws on a false equivalency by suggesting since the county has actively fought against a hazardous waste landfill expansion that only impacts Lewiston it should also fight against gun laws because they impede the rights of all citizens. Huh?

Waste transported to that landfill, which hopefully will never be reopened, would travel there across the county.

Speaking of nonsense just below the surface, just a few short years ago the Second Amendment candidate running to replace Sen. George Maziarz got arrested on gun charges after a loaded weapon was found in her vehicle which she said was being driven by Hamil Dontrez Johnson.

Gun rights advocates raised $34,000 on Go Fund Me for defense against the charges which were ultimately dismissed. On Thursday, Johnson was indicted on murder charges. Politics make strange bedfellows. So do guns.

The answer to any situation is almost never pass a new law or remove an old one. The world does not work that way.

Be conscious and deliberate in the choices you make. Follow gun safety rules as promoted by the NRA and law enforcement.

And pay attention. Whether the topic is a silly, nonsensical proposal from a political candidate, a gun factory on your street or anything else that just doesn’t look right the important thing is to be conscious and educated about the issues. For police, the answer is enforce the laws we have.

Common sense makes more sense in the world than any number of unneeded laws.

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