SCHEER: A Tweet for a prince

Mark Scheer

You have to hand it to Pat Proctor. 

For a guy whose head is often quite literally "in the clouds," the manager of Rainbow Air Inc. is certainly thinking big. 

Last week, the local helicopter tourism company tweeted out a job offer to Prince Harry, suggesting the company has room for another helicopter pilot if he's interested. 

"With #PrinceHarry moving to Toronto and needing a job, and seeing he has helicopter pilot experience in the military @RainbowAirInc would like to offer a job. His office view of #niagarafalls would be amazing!" the Tweet noted. 

I'm not sure the member of the British Royal family will take the company up on its offer, but it's better to try and fail than to not try at all. 

That's not the way a lot of people think in Niagara Falls anymore, not when there have been so many disappointments and failures for so many years.

My nightmare scenario with something like this — and maybe everybody on the American side's nightmare scenario with something like this — is that Prince Harry and his wife, Meghan Markle, brush off Rainbow Air and choose to settle in Niagara Falls, Ont., instead. 

I don't like to have a fatalist attitude and I am working on it but, in a community where the Buffalo Bills just lost another heartbreaking postseason game, it's clearly a constant struggle. 

Still, we all have to adjust, try to look at the glass at least a quarter full and, yes, occasionally tweet out offers to the highest profile figures in all the world in hopes that one day, maybe, they'll find their way to Niagara Falls, USA and give this city something it desperately needs - some positive recognition and a reinforcement that all is not lost. 

Good on Pat for trying, I say. 

We should all be more involved in attempting to lure people with influence and money and connections here anyway we can. 

Remember in 2016 when longtime Los Angeles Dodgers baseball announcer Vin Scully announced that he was finally retiring after 67 years on the job? 

While it may have been lost on baseball fans in other parts of the country, it was noteworthy to us back then that when asked what he planned to do in retirement, Scully said "visit Niagara Falls." 

How hard did we work to get him here? Is it too late? Should we try again? 

I once wrote a column where I put out into the cosmos a longshot-of-all-longshot requests for actor and comedian Bill Murray to find his way to the Falls where I suggested we could hang out together, eat some chicken wings and harass the locals. 

My offer stands. 

As I said then and I still say now, the world, like Niagara Falls, needs Bill Murray. 

Imagine the man who gave us Carl Spackler in "Caddyshack" sitting in a Rainbow Air helicopter with Prince Harry and taking in the sights from thousands of feet above the Falls. 

Talk about trending on Twitter. 

A meeting like that in a setting like this one might just blow up the internets! 


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