“We got Styrofoam boxes for the ozone layer.” These words about North American pollution from a 1990s Neil Young song may have just been noticed by current New York Gov. Kathy Hochul and the state legislature. They just decided to ban Styrofoam from use by restaurants and whomever else. The take-out restaurants complain — our prices will go up! At least Albany has done something. Washington is dragging its feet on the Build Back Better plan from President Biden.

OK. Earth’s climate is always changing. What folks mean by "climate change" (renamed often) is the Florida shoreline is filled with tires from vehicles, killing nearly everything. Plastics have been found in the stomachs of dead fish and turtles; that swirl of plastic crap in the Atlantic and the Pacific oceans doesn’t belong there, but where should it go?

An empty pop can was seen on local news; it was wrapped around the bill of a nosy duck. (The duck was saved.) And, worst of all, poison winds and polar glacier meltdown will possibly flood our state by 2028. 

Wildfires, polluted rivers, hurricanes have been around forever, sure. But so have the ice caps. Now they really are disappearing. President Trump can’t wait to get back into office to be paid by criminals who pollute for profit. Deny it all you want, but, according to health and science reporter Mark S. Johnson, your yard will be flooding with black water and dead fish by 2028. Six years away!

There was no swimming in Olcott's section of Lake Ontario, again, last summer. Why do we just accept the fact, without demanding the government clean up the water?!

Read the book "Though the Earth Gives Way" (from Bancroft Press). There’s been a worldwide decline in nearly everything healthy. Now, we face that decline in human lives.

Look at what you throw away. There’s nowhere to put it. Plastics live for years, paper piles up like snow, we ruin more land for store parking lots and we don’t look back. We rarely reuse old buildings. 

Though the Earth Gives Way is you, you on homelessness and desperation. Earth is hotter, the waters growing ever higher. To survive — it won’t be pretty. You’ll carry a gun, but your family and friends will be dead. It’s true — too true to believe. Climate change is more important than Covid or the threat of World War III.

I hate the word denial. I hate the word reality. In fact, it’s not us who need to change. It’s the big corporations interested in oil, plastics, rubber and whatnot. You’ll be rich and as intelligent as old Marjorie Taylor Greene to say “It ain’t happening.” 

You’ll find the truth soon enough. You’ll be the fool left to tell the tale, unless you get upset when the phones and computers no longer work, there’s no fresh water, and the highways are as ugly as Mad Max 2. Think I am Legend, On the Beach. Omega Man or even Logan’s Run. The Saturday afternoon movie greats have arrived. All of them, except Back to the Future.

Ah, look at all the lonely people. Our local township will be property of Lake Ontario. And you’ll finally get to meet the 29 dead who saw fate with the Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald, in nearby water neighbor Superior.

Author Brandon M. Stickney resides in Newfane.


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