Rezoning approved for senior housing project in Lockport

JOHN D'ONOFRIO/STAFFAbout five dozen townhouse apartment units are slated for construction near this location on the west side of Bowmiller Road in the Town of Lockport as an expansion of the senior living townhouse community already there.

TOWN OF LOCKPORT — A large parcel of land on the west side of Bowmiller Road, just south of the intersection of Akron Road and Lincoln Avenue, was rezoned from residential to planned unit development on Wednesday by the Lockport Town Board.

The rezoning paves the way for 5726 Bowmiller, LLC, to build about 60 senior living apartment units on several acres of land on Bowmiller. The Town of Lockport Planning Board voted to recommend the rezoning earlier this week.

A public hearing on the matter Wednesday drew just one comment from a local resident.

Harry Thurston, of 7056 Akron Road, said he had concerns over the large pond along Bowmiller, near the site of the proposed project. Officials representing Bowmiller, LLC said safety improvements around that pond are planned as part of the new construction.

The town board approved the rezoning by a unanimous vote in the business meeting that followed. Voting to approve were board members Tom Keough, Darlene DiCarlo, Pat Dufour, Paul Siejak and town Supervisor Mark Crocker.

“There's not enough senior housing, there's not enough places for people to go and not enough assistant living, so to have this right here in one place in the Town of Lockport is very exciting,” DiCarlo said. “It's a great plan and a great area and I'm excited about seeing it move forward.” 

Lockport Town Attorney Brian Seaman said about 60 units will be built in phases over the next several years on the Bowmiller tract, extending westward to the town's other planned unit development project on the south side of Lincoln Avenue.

About a dozen senior living units have already been constructed in the area. No more than a quarter of the proposed new senior living units can be leased or rented to people less than 55 years of age, officials said.

“This was actually approved as a planned unit development a couple of decades ago when the property was owned by someone else,” Seaman said.

“The developer today (Elliott Lasky of Monsey, N.Y.)  has done other projects in the town in the past. He's not from Lockport, but owns property here.”

Original construction plans with the previous owner included a centrally-located, “large, nursing home facility,” Seaman said, but since the property has changed ownership, particulars of the project have changed, mainly that the 60 apartment units will be constructed prior to any skilled assistant living facility.

“They want to start with additional townhouses there and they want to start soon,” Seaman said. The official address listed for the project is 1000 Bowmiller Road. 

Planned for the site are 46, single-story townhouse units with garage, two units per building; plus 14 single-story townhouse units, four units per building, Seaman said. They are not condominiums, but apartments for rent, he clarified.

Following the construction of those 60 units, Seaman said Bowmiller LLC plans to construct two, three-or-four story “assistant living” or “skilled nursing” facilities.

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