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The paper now known as The Lockport Union-Sun & Journal, the 22nd oldest paper in New York and the oldest paper in Lockport and Niagara County, was first printed in Lewiston and later moved to Lockport. The following traces the paper's evolution.

The Niagara Democrat was established in 1821 and became The Lockport Observatory in 1822 after a move to Lockport.

The Lockport Observatory later joined with the Niagara Sentinel in 1828 to form the Democrat & Sentinel. During the same year the Democrat & Sentinel became the Lockport Journal. The Lockport Journal was then changed to the Lockport Balance in 1829.

The Lockport Balance and Lockport Gazette joined in 1837 to become the Lockport Balance & Gazette, which changed its name to the Niagara Democrat in 1839. The Niagara Democrat and the Lockport Daily Advertiser became the Democrat & Advertiser in 1853. During 1860, the Democrat & Advertiser turned into the Lockport Chronicle, which became the Lockport Daily Union in 1862.

The Lockport Daily Union, the Lockport Journal and the Lockport Daily Sun conglomerated to form the Lockport Daily Journal. Then in 1915 the Lockport Daily Journal joined with the Union Sun to begin the Lockport Union-Sun & Journal.

This information is taken from the History of Niagara County, Sanford 1878; and Web site for the history of the Corson publishing family.

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