SNAP Fitness moves to new location 

Connor Hoffman/STAFFPaul and Susan Hackett at the new Lockport SNAP Fitness location.  

Lockport SNAP Fitness has moved and the owners have a vision for the new location. 

Daisy Mac Properties is the company that owns 6507 Wheeler Road, which is where SNAP Fitness now calls home. Paul Hackett is the owner of Daisy Mac Properties and Susan Hackett is the property manager. 

The old location was in the Wrights Corners Plaza, which is just a short distance from the gym's new home. 

Susan Hackett said they decided to move from the old spot because they wanted to grow and have control over the property. They own the Wheeler Road property. 

"We wanted to expand and have the opportunity to be in control of the facility ... The quality of this gym is where we want it to be," Susan Hackett said. 

The new location also features double the amount of showers than the old one. 

With the new location, the Hacketts want the gym to be considered more of a wellness center. They have members that focus on bodybuilding and members that only do aerobic activities. The membership ranges from teenagers to those in their 90s. 

The new location has been set up in such a way that separates weight-lifting and other activities. 

"Aerobic people don't want to hear the sound of clinking weights," Paul Hackett said. 

They also plan to offer more classes for the members. Paul Hackett, a health coach, plans to teach several classes himself. One class he plans to offer is on Myofascial release, which deals with training fascia, a connective tissue that wraps most structures within the human body, including muscle.

Paul Hackett said there is a person he has been training in his 60s that feels much better after doing the training. 

"We've had a few people that have been doing my classes for coming up on a couple of years, and one guy is in his 60s. He couldn't jump off the ground with both his feet when he started. Now, he can hop on one leg, hop on the other. He couldn't do like full pushups before. He can knock all sorts of pushups now," Paul Hackett said. "The doctor told me he had crystals in his ankles. A year of training the doctor said the crystals are gone."

Another class they plan to offer deals with high-intensity interval training (HIIT). 

"You want to hit certain target heart rates and back off it a little bit. So you go real high intensity and then you back off for 30 seconds or something," Paul Hackett said. "In a short period of time, you can get a workout that will have the benefits of working out for a much longer period of time."

They are currently waiting for the state Health Department to okay a shake bar they would like to add to the facility. Also, the gym will be turning the basement into an area where people can train for obstacle course racing. 

They are also currently looking for prospective health and wellness providers to lease the additional space they have available at the location. 

Susan Hackett said the members really enjoy the new location. 

"People just love the place ... They just find that it is bright. They like the separation of the cardio and weights," Susan Hackett said. 

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