A good deed in a weary world

John D'Onofrio

So shines a good deed in a weary world.

Some people can look at a half glass of milk and say, “It's half empty.” Others would look at it and say, “It's half full.”

Gina Nowak would simply drink the milk, “because it's good for you.”

A no-nonsense Lockport-area trainer and nutritionalist for decades, Gina is well known throughout the area for her boundless enthusiasm and dedication to not only her profession, but the many individuals she's worked with personally and collectively along the way.

My Lockport Senior High School classmate Paula (Leyden) Miller — yes, former Lockport Police Chief Paul Leyden's daughter — contacted me to give a huge shout out about Gina and what's she's been up to ever since the Coronavirus' primary precaution of avoiding meeting in groups came into affect.

Nowak, who runs Revolution Training and Fitness at the Kenan Center Arena on Beattie Avenue, wasn't about to let a deadly plague stop her from doing what she loves and what others love to do with her.

Not this creative young lady.

So Nowak began lending out the expensive equipment she owns, allowing members to take them home so that they can continue training. Better yet, Nowak went even further for the, “close-knit group” or “family” as Paula described the membership.

She went on-line to keep everyone connected.

Paula, who had an actual spin bike delivered to her house by Nowak, said not only can members see and hear their instructor, Nowak, they can also see and hear each other, which has made the isolation of the past few weeks much more bearable.

“We were all so happy to see each other during our first class,” Paula said. “I was actually relieved to see my friends and know they are well. This may not be news worthy with the severity of the health crisis, but a feel-good story might bring a little brightness to a dark day.”

It sure does.

• • •

My David Ayres Carolina Hurricanes' No. 90 jersey/T-shirt arrived via FedEx on Tuesday.

Thanks, Big Willie.

I can't wait for the movie.

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